( Coney Island Drive Inn)
Ride With Friends
January 1, 2012

Clover Leaf Farms Riders

Suwannee River Ride
Well Dave the weather man was partly right it was nice going down we had 8 people 5 bikes nice back roads going down and good food there, after we ate we went and saw a motor cross extreem show and Bmx bikes, then walked around and looked at more food they have a Krispy Kream donut hamburger I would have liked to try but we had already eaten then rain on the way home and Ice Cream in Dade City
Well our ride to the strawberry festival was a good one the waether was perfect and the company was the finest of friends remember we are suppose to be going for strawberry short cake to Parkdale Farms I know some of you have already been with the other groups but who doesn't like strawberry shortcake or if nothing else how abot just coming for the ride and friendship. Hope to see you there more info will as to where we will be meeting and so forth.
Well another Funtastic day with friends on the bikes we went for Strawberry Shortcake and boy was it good a large bowl topped with ice cream only $3.99 . We had a great turn out 15 people 5 bikes and 2 four wheelers(cars) I believe a great time was had by all. Remember ur next ride is going to be to the Blues Fest here in Brooksville it is an evening ride for Dinner and a night of blues in down town Brooksville we will probally meet there. I'll let you all know for sure. Thanks to all who could make it today and to those who could not we missed you. until later
Ride safe
trip on the Suwannee river

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